Barellan Furphy Water Cart Festival

On the September long weekend in 2018 the Barellan Clydesdales event in Barellan NSW was held and for the first time incorporated the Barellan Furphy Festival. Sam and Adam Furphy both attended to witness an amazing weekend celebrating historical agricultural working displays of horse and bullock teams, dog trials, camel races and much, much more.

The Furphy Festival attracted a good number of collectors who put their Furphy Water cart in to the competition and in some cases to have it as part of the grand parade pulled by either Clydesdale team or a 1925 McCormack Deering tractor.

There were 20 water carts entered into the water cart competition with prizes awarded for most original and best restored. Ray Broughton’s restored water cart was a particular standout. Also presented on the day was a new 2018 Limited Edition Furphy Tank End. This end was offered as part of a raffle and was won by one of the top Furphy Tank end collectors Peter McCook from Sydney. Demonstrations of re-barrelling a tank were also carried out by the Barellan team which drew a good crowd of onlookers.


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